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Capturing the true spirit of your animal. Relaxing, stress-free session. A photoshoot that is tailored to your pets and their unique personality. HIgh-quality print that truly captures your animal's spirit. 



Pet Portrait Session


At Whiskers & Feathers Pet Photography, we celebrate the individual nature of your best friend. For this reason, when you book a photoshoot it will be tailored made to perfectly reflect your pet(s) and your goals.

For only £65 you will receive a private and bespoke pet photography session to suit your individual needs.

What is included in the package?

  •  60 to 90 minutes photoshoot

  •  5 high-resolution photographs (option to purchase more)

  •  1 location of your choice

  •  Free consultation

  •  Free session guide

  •  Weekday & weekend slots

  •  Private, password protected online gallery

  •  Print rights



Your Session Experience




Every pet is different. Which is why we have a little chat about your before anything is signed or paid for. I want to make sure you get what you want our of your photoshoot. I also would love to get to know your furry friend a little better. Their habits, quirkiness, loves and dislikes.




After confirming and booking your session, you will be provided a session guide to help prepare you and your pet for your photoshoot. During the shoot, I opt for a relaxed atmosphere and we always go with your pet's flow.




Within 2 weeks after your photoshoot, you will be given a direct link and a password to your online gallery where you can browse, favourite, share and choose your photographs.




Choose your photographs



Special Packages



Our mini photoshoots are great for trying out our pet photography services for the first time or updating your pet’s portraits without worrying too much about organising one.


Mini photoshoots only take place on a few specific dates with limited availability. For VIP updates join our newsletter list or request to join our Facebook Group. You can grab a spot before the advertisement is made public.



Do you own an animal-based business? Do you need to update your professional headshots for your website, or need fresh photographs for your digital and print marketing material?


Bonus: I come from a video production for marketing background so I would love to plan and produce marketing videos for you!


Contact me to book in for your free no-obligation consultation.


A Gift for Someone Special

Do you know a loved one who cherishes their pets and would love to capture their lasting memory? 



Frequently Asked Questions

My dog flunked obedience school, can you still photograph my pet?

Many dogs “flunked obedience school!” They get excited and forget all they learned! We are prepared for that. Fortunately, I have tons of patience while we wait for them to relax and begin having fun!

Does my dog need to be off the lead?

You will be surprised that most dogs I photograph are actually on their lead during poses. I do this for a number of reasons but mostly for their safety and helps the session run smoothly.

At the start of your photo session, we have a “practice” pose where I show you how to pose your pup, hold the lead, and generally show how the rest of the session will go. So far clients have commented how easy this makes the process and their worries quickly disappear.

Post-session leads, human legs & arms are edited out as if they were never there! See our extreme example…

If your pup loves to run around off-leash then there are plenty of breaks in-between poses and locations for them to do what they love.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Of course we do!

I sell beautiful, top quality cards which will arrive in an unwritten gold envelope for you to personalise. The voucher offers a 60-90 minute photoshoot + 3 digital photographs of the recipient’s choice. Perfect for any occasion, Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Pet’s Birthday, etc.

Do you make special accommodations for elderly or terminally ill pets?

Having lost my childhood best friend Benji, a rescued lurcher, I understand the heartbreak and emotions you may be experiencing. Sessions focused on elderly or those who are terminally ill are gentle and compassionate. We highlight your love & relationship you have with each other. We celebrate who they are, what they love, and the journey you’ve shared together.

Your session will receive priority in booking and editing for a faster service.

Do you only photograph dogs?

Whilst the majority of my clients are dogs, I am open to all animals from horses to spiders, from cows to guinea pigs. Check out the variety of animals I’ve photographed at Telford’s Exotic Zoo

Do you photograph all year round?

Of course! Each season brings a unique enivorment to work with, all beautiful in their own rights.

What happens after the sesion?

Your photographs will be ready to view about 2 weeks after our session. You will be provided a direct link and a password to access your private gallery. The gallery will remain open for 8 weeks after the message to choose your photographs.

Can my family be in the photos?

Of course! I love capturing the special bond between pets and their humans. Just let me know ahead of time, or just hop right in during the photoshoot. I only ask for a model release to be signed. Any shoots with children will not be used for any purposed (other than your private gallery) without the parent or guardian's written authority.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day?

For a few days prior to your photoshoot, I will be keeping an eye on the weather. If it appears to a guaranteed miserable day, or we’ve had non-stop rain and will make the area slippery and dangerous, then we can re-schedule the shoot. On the day of the shoot, I will message you whether the shoot will go ahead or will be re-scheduled. Don’t worry though, I love photographing on cloudy days as it produces softer images with pleasing results.

My dog is extremely excited / timid, can you photograph them?

My goal is to capture your dog being themselves. Their photos will show them as relaxed and happy pups. Which is why I am constantly learning about different natures all dogs have from the extremely excited & bouncy, to the timid who shy’s away behind her mother’s legs. I have techniques to work with all personality types. For example, if they are excited & bouncy then we play with them and capture action shots near the start of their session, which then removes most of their energy ready for their portrait shots. If your pet is timid then I use a zoom lens and work from a distance outside of their comfort zone. I move slowly and quietly making them feel relaxed and safe.

Can you photograph my wedding, family portrait, newborn, or teenager’s prom night?

Thank you for considering me to photograph your special occasion. Unfortunately, my specialty and training are focused on working with animals. I want to make sure you will have the best possible experience and would recommend finding another photographer who specialises in your subject. You are welcome to message me to ask directly for recommendations for I will know those with a similar photography style to fit your needs.

Due to my background, if you are searching for non-animal corporate work then feel free to contact me for further details.