2019 Photo Competition | Shoot & Share

First time entering a photo competition.

I don't fully know what the prizes are, however I am not interested in them at all. I'm simply curious to see how far the chosen photographs will go in the competition.

UPDATE: Round 12 - The Finals!

So it appears at least one of the photographs has made it to the final round! I never expected to go this far so I'm utterly shocked by this result. I don't know which photo(s) it is, I just know that I have made it this far. Just to give you an idea how major this is. The competition started with over 550,000 photographs in 25 categories (about 22,000 photos per category). 47 of the photographs I entered are in the pet category. The remaining 3 are in the travel/landscape category.

In round 12 only 13,400 photographs remained in the competition (about 536 photos per category). Which meant those who made it to this round were in the top 2.2%.